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So I am super stoked about a new project that I just kicked off with my dear friend and fellow entrepreneur, Kristel Wardell. For some time, we’ve been talking about starting a podcast together to share our stories, our experiences and to engage additional women in an ongoing conversation about life, business, careers, and more. For a number of reasons, we’ve never managed to make the podcast a priority, but that all changed last week.

On Friday, I called Kristel from the VWise conference I was attending in Denver to share my enthusiasm for all I was learning, as well as to encourage her to attend a future VWise conference, too. Our conversation was incredibly powerful as we each tapped into and shared some similar experiences and discussed our challenges as entrepreneurs. Near the end of the lively conversation, we found ourselves once again saying we should really start that podcast. And just like that, Kristel said, “You know what, let’s start Monday! No more excuses, we get together and we do this.” And so we did.

Last night we came together at her fabulous place of business, Center of Town, to discuss our goals, objectives and plans for the podcast and then went on to record two episodes!  I”m so looking forward to sharing the podcasts here and we are even planning to broadcast them live to each Monday night. While we work together to figure out the details of our ongoing schedule, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at into one of our first two recordings from last night.

If you’ve got a few minutes (okay, around 17 minutes) to spare, join us as we discuss success. Here’s the direct link to the podcast:

We’d love to hear from you, so please share your thoughts!

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