Fitness for Success

Kristel Wardell and I recorded another fabulous podcast last night in our series, REAL Successful Women: Honest Talk for Real Women. Our topic for the evening was Fitness for Success and we had a very special guest, Alice Anne Loftus, join in the fun. Alice Anne is a fitness coach, business owner and mom of two adorable kiddos. She was wonderful enough to share her story with us and kept it real, as she addressed the primary issues we face when starting a fitness routine. Undoubtedly, you’ll hear the enthusiasm in her voice and will be able to tell how passionate she is about making health and fitness a priority as she explains that fitness is not a destination. If you want to learn more about Alice Anne Loftus and her fitness journey, be sure to check out her blog at

Take a listen and if you like what you hear, be sure to follow us on at We broadcast live episodes from Center of Town every Monday night at 6 PM EST and also post here on the Project Moxie website.

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