The Moxie Story

A little background . . .

A Self Portrait - October 2013

A Self Portrait

My name is Monica Alvarado and I established Project Moxie in early 2012 as a program management consulting firm focused on providing the┬áprogram, project and change management expertise necessary to ensure successful accomplishment of my client’s major strategic initiatives.┬áSounds fancy, right? Right.

The fact of the matter is that I absolutely love working with people and organizations to help overcome some of the obstacles they face in achieving their personal and professional goals and strategic objectives. Whether that’s through improved processes, implementing new technologies, or helping inspire and empower individuals and/or teams to reach for the stars, I’m happiest when I’m helping and making a positive impact.

I’m also an avid writer and believe wholeheartedly in the power of story telling. I once launched a 365 day challenge to interview one person each day for a year. Sadly, I fell short of that goal by a mere 330 days. That said, the 30 interviews I did conduct and share were incredible and what I learned was invaluable to me and hopefully to those who had an opportunity to read the interviews. I will, of course, continue to write and share my stories here, as well as conduct interviews with others from time to time.

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